When she will show up on ICC:  Day 1, Day 2

Hi! I'm Echow, a cosplayer from Indonesia. I started cosplaying since 2006. I am passionate about creating finely crafted costumes. I have created a wide variety of costumes, and I specialize in creating armour costumes inspired by various animes, mangas and video games. I am also an excellent stage performer, and thoroughly enjoy bringing characters to life through. And this time, I'm cosplaying as Bellato from Rising Force Online.

I got 1st WINNER in Indonesia Comicon 2018 and become Indonesia Cosplay Representative for C2E2 : Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo / Chicago Comicon.

I develop this performance idea and progressing the costume and props in about a year. Many ups and downs in the process. But it's always been my dream to ride a robot and I try to make it happen! And also I like to put special effect in my performance.